About SCC Online®

In 1996, Eastern Book Company became the first Indian legal publisher to bring out a legal database on CD-Rom called the SCC Online® Supreme Court Case Finder®. It was quickly adopted by the legal fraternity and became the choice of research for Supreme Court case laws. Additional databases like the full text of judgments of the Supreme Court of India, case notes and judgments of other High Courts, statutory material, Law Commission Reports, and the Constituent Assembly debates have been added over time. One of the unique features of this legal database is the ability to print ‘True Prints’, exact facsimiles of judgments as published in their respective law reports. Thus, on a few CDs and DVDs, hundreds of volumes of law reports such as Supreme Court Cases (SCC), Current Tamil Nadu Cases (CTC), the Law Reports, the Weekly Law Reports, the Indian Appeals, etc became accessible to legal researchers. SCC Online’s tie-up with the ICLR of England and Wales made access to English Law possible.

In 2010 the SCC Online® Web Edition was launched with the best of the CD-Rom Edition and the new features that the internet had to offer. It is a legal database with over seventy-five databases covering the Supreme Court of India, the Privy Council since 1836, the erstwhile Federal Court of India, all the High Courts, major Tribunals and Commissions, statutory material including rules, regulations, circulars and notifications, reports of the Law Commission of India and the Constituent Assembly debates. Case law and other material are available from the jurisdictions of the United Kingdom (under license from the ICLR), the United States, Canada, South Africa, Singapore (under license from the Singapore Academy of Law), Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the erstwhile West African Court of Appeal. International material includes WIPO domain name dispute cases and treaties and conventions. It is noteworthy that over a million cases are reported in this database. SCC Online has now tied up with Hein Online to bring a specially curated bouquet of databases from Hein Online to India and other markets.

The SCC Online® suite of products is used by the Supreme Court of India, all the High Courts, the subordinate judiciary in many states, by advocates, law firms, and corporate cells of corporations. This database is in use by the top law schools in India and abroad. The Indian Law Institute in a study has rated it as the most used legal database by judges and legislators, legal practitioners, civil servants, government officials, and the second most used by law students and teachers.